Thank you for your interest. We are not hiring at this time.

Warning against fraudulent internet recruitment activities:

Clarification in the Public Interest

It has been brought to our attention that identity thieves are sending out false communications claiming to be on behalf of Trellis Bioscience. These sophisticated phishing scams may include interactive websites that ask you to provide personal information, including your bank account for direct deposit of funds, or to send them money described as recruitment fees.

These fraudulent recruitment methods seem to be done on behalf of many pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Like others, Trellis Bioscience does not recruit via these methods. We advise you to not click on hyperlinks from such scam emails or to open any attachments. We also recommend that you do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.

If you receive a genuine job offer of a job with us, whether the offer is made directly by us or through an agency, you will not be required to pay any money towards administration fees, purchase of equipment, or software.

Spot the signs of a fraudulent communication:

You should consider the following to determine the validity of a communication:

Reporting fraudulent e-mails

You may report such scams to your State consumer protection office, other State authorities, or the Federal Trade Commission.